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CAUSES OF ECZEMA - Heather Matthew

Eczema is a kind of skin disease. The skin appears red and rash with side effects like burning and itching in the region manifests itself. Treatment is a long-term disease. What are the causes of eczema? The skin will cause eczema? Let us examine together.

Causes Of Eczema

1-chemical substances

Heather Matthew says that Eczema is often seen in people who wash their hands more often, a disease variety. His hands are constantly interacting with SOAP and detergent occur in women who were identified. Types of eczema hands gloves chemical products created by mounting should be avoided.

2-Air Changes

Eczema is a skin disease that don't like dry air conditions, variety. Therefore, in the winter, eczema is seen an increase in. Summer days starting with the coming of winter eczema are slowing down wide spread to the fields. In winter, hands always absorb water, and exposure to cold to wear gloves when going out must be prevented.


I always stress is more common in people living in eczema. The status of the soul to the human body in one of skin diseases. This disease is most significant in reflecting the stress disorder eczema. Reduce the stress to get rid of Egzamadan and more positive thinking will speed up the transition period of the disease.

4-Genetic Factors

Eczema disease genes of interest to specialized doctors, proving there is no reason that occurs when eczema disease genes they crucified him. The family is seen in eczema although rare diseases can also be seen in other individuals. But the eczema is not contagious disease. Genetic factors of eczema is düşündürmemelidir.

5-Hormonal Changes in women

Women's special occasion or during periods of pregnancy, eczema has been caught the disease. Only because of hormones is to break the layout of the body by replacing. Pregnancy and menstrual periods waiting for a specialist dermatologist your circumstances for eczema, you can refer to. for more info. about health issues must visit and share to others (