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Lectionary-Based Playlist /Issue 42/January 17, 2021

When Samuel went to sleep in his place, the LORD came and revealed his presence, calling out as before, “Samuel, Samuel!” Samuel answered, “Speak, for your servant is listening.”

Winter's freeze often causes us to retreat into our own homes even more than we have been doing in the past few months. In the quiet of winter, we may find extra time in our schedule; this makes January a great month to sit in stillness and increase our prayer time. This edition of The Family Zone offers opportunities for your family to increase your prayer life! God is listening and waiting to communicate with you!



Family Stories:

  • "I Pray the Rosary" by Margaret Rose Scarfi
  • "Catholic Prayer Book for Children" by Julianne M. Will
  • "When I Pray for You" by Matthew Paul Turner

Parent Article:

For Teens:

  • "Come Pray: A Teen Guide to Prayer" from LifeTeen
  • "My Encounter: How I Met Jesus in Prayer" By Chika Anyanwu


  • Write your own book of Prayers! Ask your family members if they have additions they want to make to your book! Who or what are you praying for?
  • Do you know your traditional prayers such as the Hail Mary, Our Father and Glory Be? Write them out and test yourself!
  • Praying is having a conversation with God. Think about God as your friend. Write a journal entry entitled: What I Want God to Know About Me. Once you are done, use that as a basis to start conversational prayer time with God!


  • Enjoy some quiet time with the prayerful song below:
Sacred Silence



The Lord Speaks to Samuel
Let's Pray Together! 3 min of guided prayer
How to actually *hear* God in prayer


If it is hard to quiet your child to pray, you may want to try some active strategies:

Make praying a delicious game:


  • Create a Prayer Mailbox! If you want to divide the mailbox into different parts, you can create dividers for each different type of prayer! Encourage family members to add their prayer intentions each day!
  • Use the PDF template from Mother's Niche, found below, to pray; it is a helpful organizer for kids
  • Make a prayer jar out of a mason jar to create a space for gathering intentions in your home!
  • Set up a prayer corner with a cross, a candle, and some sacramentals such as a rosary


Why don't we ever hear God's voice? Wouldn't it be nice if God would just speak in actual words to us?

How can I be God's servant? Do you think it's more than just listening to God? What kind of things do you think God's servants do?

If we can listen to God, are there other voices we might be tempted to listen to? Who should we NOT listen to?


CONTEMPLATION - silent prayer that expresses love for God.

From the Catechism: Contemplative prayer is silence, the "symbol of the world to come" or "silent love." Words in this kind of prayer are not speeches; they are like kindling that feeds the fire of love.

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