Hot Mess Boutique

Ali Bortmess & Camryn Sapetti

Business Activities for Hot Mess Boutique

  1. Generating Ideas: We run a unique boutique located on the Upper East Side of New York. We sell upscale women's clothing as well as our new menswear section. We opened our Boutique in 2004 and successfully grown over the years to become one of the most popular shopping attractions in New York. We came up with the Idea of opening a Boutique our junior year in College when we noticed a lot of girls wanted cute, nice quality clothing that was worth their money. Our first step to success was when we bought a studio building and transformed it into The Hot Mess Boutique. We went shopping around at other stores in the area to figure out what was appealing to the customers. There were stores that had clothes at a super high expense, and customers would often buy one thing or none.
  2. Raising Capital: We put 70% of our money into the business, but our parents helped with the slow start of loaning us some money.
  3. Employee & Training: We started off just us two working the boutique along with one of our college roommates. One thing we always keep in mind when hiring is self-image. Our workers need to be confident, stylish, know how to socialize, and be positive with customers. We normally like our workers to be female, but if a male is interested in the job we will definitely hire him the same way we would a girl. They also need to be helpful and not selfish. We DON'T want workers who will drive customers away! To train our workers they will have a walk through of the store, and be shown where everything is. They will be shown the proper way to fold, hang, and organize clothes, they will learn, or if not already know how to, count money and make change, and they will also learn the techniques of keeping a customer happy.
  4. Buying Goods & Services: To operate our business we will buy our cleaning and sanitation production units from Johnson and Johnson. Our clothes are manufactured in Paris. We fly there once per fashion season to attend a fashion brand line show to buy new products for The Hot Mess
  5. Marketing Goods and Services: We market our business on social media. We have a twitter and instagram account that we post new clothes and accessories on. We find this to be a cheap and easy resource as are targeted group of customers all use social media. Special deals and offers are placed on our social media sites. Text MESS to 54541 to sign up for our text club. We send reminders and coupon codes frequently. Once our business really takes off, we plan to air TV adds and have billboards up all over the city.
  6. Maintaining Business Records: We have hired an assistant at Hot Mess Boutique to strictly keep our record books and organize our finances. A friend of ours from college who was majoring in business finance has now taken over that department at The Hot Mess. We keep all records online and every 2 months, update a paper copy.

Business Entities

Hot Mess Boutique is a Partnership owned by Camryn Sapetti and Ali Bortmess. A partnership is a business owned and controlled by two or more people who have entered into a written agreement. We chose this because we knew we wanted to run the business together and be co-owners.


  1. It was an easy business to start.
  2. Having two people's ideas are better than one.
  3. Have greater borrowing capacity.


  1. It includes unlimited liability
  2. Each partner is an agent of the partnership and is liable for the other partner's actions.
  3. Risks disagreements and friction between partners and management

Hot Mess Boutique Goals for 2015-2016

  1. In the next 5 months we hope to become the most popular dress store in our area.
  2. By the end of 2016, we want to increase our income by 20%.
  3. In the next year, we would like to change locations to a bigger and more visible place.
  4. We are hoping to expand our merchandise selection in 8 months, and partner with a shoe company.
  5. To increase our marketing we would like to have more advertisement in the next few months.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to help customers feel good about themselves by providing unique clothes that fit their style. Our goal is to help boost their self esteem so that they succeed and feel confident.
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