RHPS End of Year Reminders

Lunch Balances and Media Center Fines

Notices are being sent home for lunch balances and media center fines. Please clear these balances by Wednesday, May 22nd. Report cards will be held for students with outstanding lunch balances and media fines.


All medications (OTC, prescription, epipens, inhalers) must be picked up by parents/guardians

by 12:00PM on Friday, May 24th. After May 24th, all medication will be disposed. No medication is sent home with students. Contact Nurse Willis, if you have any questions.

End of Year Parties

End of Year Parties are ALMOST HERE!!!!

With over 800 students at RHPS both parking and classroom space are a concern when we have parties. We ask that each child have only 2 party guests next week. Guest passes will be sent home on May 16th. With this sticker, you will be able to enter RHPS through the door at the multi-purpose room and cafeteria. Guests without a yellow sticker will be required to check-in at the front office.

Your child’s classmates may have food allergies. Please consider this if you are sending in treats. Your child’s teacher can share the specific allergens present in her class.

We look forward to seeing you next week!

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