Horror of History

John Per.6

Color lines were very clearly drawn

Why were the white and black cemetery divided by a fence from each other in the Two Towns of Jasper?

The Healing Effect

In The Night James Brown Saved Boston, What was James making when he used his music to save Boston?

Race Relationships

Why was the black man James Byrd, Jr, killed by the three white men in the "Two Towns of Jasper"


How was racism made a huge impact in the "Two Towns of Jasper"?


Why did Martin Luther King, Jr, die when he was giving his speech "I Have a Dream" in Washington?

Central Question

One of the leaders were James Brown who saved Boston from destruction with his amazing music that everyone loved in Boston. Another leader was the court that took the three white men that killed James Byrd to trial for committing a hate-crime of racism. The other leader is Martin Luther King who reached out to people about how equal everyone should be and it does not matter about your skin color or where you are from.

The Two Towns of Jasper

James Byrd was a man who died by three white men named Shawn Berry, Bill King, and Lawrence Russel Brewer. On a night outside of a church, the man James Byrd was chained up to a truck, and was dragged down he streets by the three men until he was dead.

The Three White Men

On the left is Lawrence Russel Brewer, in the middle is Shawn Berry, and on the right is Bill King. These are the three men who were in the truck that was James Byrd chained to and dragged to death.

James Brown

James Brown was a man who saved Boston from being burnt by using his music which everyone in Boston loved and was satisfied of.

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King spoke about "I Have a Dream" at his speech, and touched many people's hearts with his words. He convinced people that there is no difference between people in their colors, and we all should treat each other equally. People were touched and liked his speech and followed it.