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MCE Staff Newsletter Sept. 10, 2015

Project Based Learning = Student Choice, Student Interest, Student Ownership

Calendar Clues....

Monday, Sept. 14

Midterm Reports Go Home

ARC: Mrs. Dunn

ARC: Mrs. Curd

Tuesday, Sept. 15

FRC Advisory Council Meeting

Wednesday, Sept. 16

PLCs…Take Ten Lesson Share Out

Thursday, Sept. 17

Volunteer Training 8:30am

Grandparents/Grandfriends' Dinner 5:30-7:00pm

Friday, Sept. 18

ARC: Ms. Wagoner

Let’s Chat Curriculum…

-Thank you for another great week of PLCs!

- I hope you are as excited about the Snow Learning changes as I am. Our students are going to benefit from your hard work as you prepare their Project Based Learning. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

- We had great discussions about our 1st round of Common Assessments! Thank you for being patient as we figure out GradeCam. It is such a powerful resource for us to grow our students. How are you going to reteach or change instruction as a result of the Common Assessments? Be intentional about meeting the needs of your students.

- MIDTERMS go home on Monday!

- SGGs are Monday & Tuesday and Primary begins MAP testing.

- Curriculum Challenge: Try a Take 10 lesson in your classroom before our next PLC. Come ready to share how it went!

Meet Our August Cool Character Cats!

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Send your student Cool Character Cat awards to the front office…Each month two new faces will be added to the wall. A great way to recognize good choices!

Counselor's Corner


Wildcat Club- This is a time in the afternoon after each quarter where the students that have met their behavior expectations for you will celebrate in the gym.

You will be giving me a list at the end of the quarter of who all met your expectations to go to the Wildcat Club party. Please let your students know about this ahead of time. Have some way of keeping track and documenting this. The students will work hard at meeting your behavior expectations if they know about this. Let me know if you have any questions.

Principal's Points

Set Them Free! (Common Assessments, That Is)

Please do not feel obligated to keep your entire batch of common assessments as documentation. The Gradecam analysis and the front cover of the tests themselves are evidence you can use to make some of your scoring decisions with standards based grading. Your families need as many windows into their child's learning as possible and those tests are a great communication tool for moms and dads. Remember that we will record a fraction rather than a percentage on work this year. Want them to see a breakdown of which standards were mastered and which ones need extra attention rather than just a number.

Paperless, Sort of!

A link to the Kentucky Core Academic Standards…Use 'em for basic planning, Daily Five content, Snow Learning's Career focus…A paperless version of your red KCAS binder!


Recap of Random Reminders…

*Send Mrs. Hurley ideas for High Attendance Day motivators! We'll begin highlighting the primary and intermediate homerooms who have the best weekly attendance %. Those two homerooms will select a reward to go along with their "victory" (think 20 minutes in the gym, time in the computer lab, outdoor lunch, freeze pop…add ideas and share with us!). A paw print will be added to your door frame and a banner will go outside your classroom for the week. Winners will be announced each Monday. A Spirit Stick for each hallway is under construction!

*A hanging crate will be used by parapros and volunteers to speed up the "I need a copy" process. We want our assistants to spend the most time possible working with kids and this will help streamline the process. Please be sure to label the copy job with all formatting details. The front office crew is also available to help you in a pinch. Monday folders create a busy day. Please have your newsletters compiled as early as possible so that we honor our parapros' time.

*Thanks for the feedback and true "whatever it takes" approach to developing the flex and parapro time slots this week. It gets me when you all are so gracious and flexible about who goes where and when. We can tweak as needed but the grace you have shown and willingness to adapt is so affirming. Our school has staff that sacrifices so that student interests are served first. Thank you.

*SGGs + Common Assessments = Swiss Cheese Schedules…I know that we have lots going but you can do it. Imagine trying to administer all these assessments AND having to write them on your own. District leadership, curriculum specialists, content teams…all have combined resources to construct these tools. It's a hectic window now but we are lucky to have consistent, rigorous checks that will give us an idea of where are kiddos are now and a way to capture that growth at the end of the year.

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