Our Weekly News

Miss Hamilton's Class

February 10th to February 14th

We had a fun Valentine's party on Wednesday! Thank you so much to the parents who donated items and/or their time to make this party so special. I promise, it isn't ALWAYS that crazy in our classroom :)

Enjoy your extra long weekend!

FEbruary Life Skill


Reader's Workshop

We are starting to go back and review retelling a story including DETAILS from the story - such an important skill! We have been working on answering questions about the stories we read by reading the questions FIRST, then reading the story, then going back and answering the questions, using the words from the story.

Word Work


before, any, work, word, because


We finished writing our Oreo stories this week. On Tuesday, we will be working with a partner to go back and check for capitals, punctuation, and correct spelling. This was a fun writing piece and the students really enjoyed it. I can't wait to send them home for you to see!


We will begin working on Fact Families next week. I sent home a math packet for you to practice at night with your chilld.

Example: #’s 2, 6, 8





*Rule: In a subtraction problem, the biggest number ALWAYS has to come first.

Please continue to practice your math facts at home! By May your child will need to pass both the +10's and +20's District Math Essentials test. In order for your child to "pass", they must answer 11 out of 12 correctly on 3 different tests! They will have 36 seconds to answer as many addition facts as they can. We will continue to practice this through math activities and Rocket Math. We will be taking the District Math Essentials test 2 times each week so that students have many opportunities to pass before the end of the school year!


The First Grade Team is teaming up with the University of Missouri’s Extension Program to participate in Jackson County’s 4-H Embryology program called “Hatching Chicks in the Classroom.”

Throughout 4th quarter the students will be learning about the relationship between the physical structure of animals and the function of those structures. Your student will have the opportunity to learn about the cycle of life and development all through hands-on learning. Students have the opportunity to monitor the incubator, take care of the eggs, and so much more.

The cost of this program is $70 per class. If you would like to donate to this cost you can send in your donation to school in an envelope labeled "chick fund". We appreciate your support in this amazing opportunity! Of course, this is a voluntary donation and not required.


Because of the many snow days that we had this week, Liberty Public Schools will be making up days missed at the end of the school year. School will now be in session on Thursday, May 22nd, Friday, May 23rd, Tuesday, May 27th, with the last day of school being Wednesday, May 28th! Please plan accordingly for these 4 additional school days for our district.

Class Helper of the Day

Monday - NO SCHOOL!

Tuesday - Ava

Wednesday - Boston

Thursday - Ty

Friday - Ruby

Specials Schedule

Monday - NO SCHOOL!

Tuesday - Music

Wednesday - P.E. - wear tennis shoes!

Thursday - Art

Friday - P.E. - wear tennis shoes!

Important Dates!!

No School!

Monday, Feb. 17th, 9am-4pm

425 Claywoods Pkwy

Liberty, MO

Enjoy your day off & Happy President's Day!

CiCi's Pizza Night

Tuesday, March 4th, 4-8pm

202 N 291 Hwy

Liberty, MO

PTA Meeting

Tuesday, March 4th, 7pm

425 Claywoods Pkwy

Liberty, MO


Friday, March 7th, 9am-4pm

425 Claywoods Pkwy

Liberty, MO

Teacher Professional Development Day!