Filippino Lippi

A Renaissance Man

By: Emily Thompson


  • Lippi was born in 1459 in Prato, Italy
  • He spent most of his life in Florence, Italy
  • Lippi received his earliest artistic training from his father, Fra Filippo Lippi. He also was a student of Botticelli in Florence by 1472.
  • After being educated by his father and Botticelli, Lippi was a known artist and had a reputation in Florence.
  • He created paintings such as: Adoration of the Magi, Tobias and the Angel, and Vision of St. Bernard
  • Filippo Strozzi was his patron.
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Madonna and Child

  • This piece of artwork that Lippi created is the Madonna and Child
  • It was created in 1485
  • This piece is located in The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • This piece is significant because it showed two people in the painting, a woman and a child. The woman is wearing many articles of clothing that shows her wealth. Also this painting shows the woman and child are in a building that has a window showing the outdoors. That view shows how nature was apart of the paintings made by Lippi.
  • I find this piece interesting because it shows the bond between the woman and the child, and it also shows how the woman has the responsibility to teach and educate the child. It shows this because the woman is holding the baby with a book, and it appears that the woman is educating him.

Renaissance Ideals

Lippi is closely linked to the Renaissance ideals humanism and individualism.

  • Humanism- Lippi is related to humanism because he spent a lot of his life learning and being taught by other artists. This shows how he had a focus school and he believed that people are all rational beings.
  • Individualism- Lippi didn't live his life based on the Church or the afterlife. He focused on his individual life and his individual freedom.

The painting Madonna and Child is closely linked to the Renaissance ideal humanism.

  • Humanism- The painting shows books in the background and it also shows the child leaning over a book to represent him being educated.


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Creator : Filippino Lippi, Italian, Florentine, probably born 1457, died 1504
Title : Madonna and Child
Date : ca. 1485
Repository : The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Repository :
ARTstor : MMA_IAP_10310749265