Sir Galahad

Most Chivalrous Man Alive

Sir Galahad is without a doubt the most deserving of the title. He was the son of Knight Sir Lancelot and the beautiful maiden Elaine. He was every bit chivalrous and appealing as his father. He was the purest of the knights and tended to help the weaker party in battle. One day a sword in stone was seen by one of Arthur's nights, and only the worlds best knight could pull it out. Sir Galahad was led into Arthur's court where he pulled out the sword. Later on in a vision Sir Galahad was one of the three knights worthy enough to partake in the Quest of The Holy Grail. Sir Galahad was the only Knight to ever see The Holy Grail. After holding The Holy Grail he wished for death so he could forever be remembered as The Perfect Knight." Sir Galahad was perfect in chivalry, courage, gentleness, and courtesy.