Ferdinand Magellen

Magellan the first to circumnavigate the Globe

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He was best known for being then first to circumnavigate the globe". He also found out a easier way to travel west around the Americans.

Early life

He was born 1480in Portugal. His family was wealthy and served in as a page in the royal court he enjoyed sailing and exploring.

Reasons for exploration

He was going to exploring Spice islands. the king of Spain paid for it.

Discoveries--given details

He explored the spice islands. He used 5 ships. He was looking for spices.


He died in the Philippines . He was the first to circumnavigate the globe.


Monday, Sep. 27th 1480 at 10pm

spice islands

Hypothetically his remains were left in Mactan were he died after a battle with Lapu.


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Ferdinand Magellan