The Pirate's Log

Week of December 21, 2015

Cookie Walk and Gift Wrapping @ Meadowlawn

Thank you for all of your donations to Saturday's cookie walk! Hope you're able to stop by Meadowlawn to stock up on your Christmas cookies! 9:00-12:00

Ugly Sweater Day

Monday is Ugly Sweater Day!

Feel free to wear your most cheeriest of sweaters!

Blizzard Bags

I know your Blizzard Bags are ready to go for this year, but I just saw this on ODE's website and thought I'd share. Don't feel like you need to change anything for this year. It's just a resource.

Save the Date...

Mike Beuglass will be here Monday morning during your CPT to give you an update on this event! Please plan on meeting in the art room @ 8:10!

Pirate Showcase: Setting Our Sails for the Future

March 13, 2016

Perkins High School

12pm - 4pm

This extravaganza is a district wide event that will have student demonstrations, interactive activities for families, displays of student work in all subject areas, etc. Several of us are already on this committee and super excited about the conversations occurring! It's going to be quite an event. More details to come!

Clothes Needed in the Clinic

The clinic is very low on boys/girls pants and underwear. If you go through your children's old clothes to make room for the new ones please consider donating to the clinic. We are in need of 4T-8 especially. Thanks for any donations.

Public School Works

Per Mrs. Hausmann's email:

These emails are generated from Public School Works and even though my name is on them, I do not physically write the content. I have asked the company to modify the dates and am waiting for their response. I did send an email awhile back about the dates and to manage what you can. (I believe that was 2 weeks ago.) As soon as a representative responds, you will receive an email from "me" with a modified date.

Thank you for your patience,

Information from our Lead Nurse, Lisa Miller

MSDS Update!

Per Greg Linkenbach:

I wanted to inform all of you on our new procedures/records of (M)SDS Sheets that we have kept for 30 years in various areas by law. I have been training with Public School Works on many different topics and one area that we will be implementing in the next week or so is the new procedures on (M)SDS. You will see posters posted on walls and labels on the phones in the ASC, Main Offices, Custodial Closets, Kitchens, Nurse Clinics, Field House's, Science labs where chemicals are stored, etc. stating how to obtain an (M)SDS sheets, to talk with a chemical specialists and to access chemical safety info. We are required with 2 means on how to obtain a (M)SDS, 1) Online and 2) by phone, as long as we have them posted. Once these posters are up and labels on those phones in the specific areas labeled then we can completely 100% get rid of all of our MSDS paper sheets on file and destroy them for good! I have the Head Custodians taking care of posting them and once they all are up then I will have them collect them from those specific areas and dispose of them. Please use our Perkins Website to access the (M)SDS sheets so you can review the chemicals when you need to or for emergency's. Here are the steps to retrieve them as needed.

  • Go to Perkins Website
  • Click on Resources & Forms
  • click on Health & Safety
  • then click on the Health & Safety tab
  • Then look for (M)SDS and click on that tab
  • Your are now in the (M)SDS screen, click on the "Get a (M)SDS and follow instructions

Bill has all set! Thanks, Bill!

Kinsa Smart Thermometers

We reached of 50% participation in the FLUency program! We all will be receiving the extra bonus of a free online doctor's visit. Brochures about the extra bonus will be sent home after we return from Christmas break. Due to our participation, they've extended our deadline for anyone who hasn't redeemed their thermometers until January 31, 2016.

Please continue sharing information about our Kinsa Smart Thermometers. As of today we have 268 members in our group! Please sign up for one yourselves if you haven't done so already.

Jenn's Schedule for the Week:


  • Mtg. during CPT
  • Furry Sing Along @ 10:00
  • Mtg. @ 2:30
  • Staff Breakfast...7:30-8:50
  • Mtg. @ 9:00

Dates to Remember

December 19

  • Cookie Walk/Gift Wrapping @ Meadowlawn 9:00-12:00

December 21

  • Pirate Showcase Update w/ Mike Beuglass in the Art Room during CPT
  • Furry Sing Along @ 10:00 (we'll start calling you down @ 9:50ish)
  • Lunch provided by PTO (Merry Christmas)

December 22

  • Last Student Day
  • Staff Breakfast 7:30-8:50 (Stop by anytime.)
  • Santa @ Lunch

December 23-January 3

  • Christmas Break!

January 4

  • Return to School!