2015-2016 Dyslexia Class


Classes Begin

My name is Karen Fenter. As the dyslexia specialist at Whitestone Elementary, I will be working with your child for 45 minutes, 4 days each week. I look forward to building a relationship with both you and your child, as together, we proactively build your child's reading skills and confidence

What can you do at home to help your student?

Parent-Teacher Partnership

Most week days, I will be sending home a folder with a short reading assignment. Please listen to your child read this assignment, sign your initials in the reading folder and have the student return to dyslexia class each day with the completed assignment tucked inside. These assignments build on each other and are imperative to your child's reading improvement. Please also record the name of any book your child has completed (or that you have read to your child). Each dyslexia class is competing with other groups to out-read each other. :-)