Just what is it, how can it be a threat?


- 18 million acres of forest is lost each year due to deforestation.

- Forests cover approximately 30% of the earths surface.

- Deforestation contributes about 15% of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

- Deforestation creates new homes for people but many animals lose their homes in this process.

- Often in many cases in the area of deforestation their is a climate change due to the unbalance of oxygen in the air.


- When people cut down trees for personal use

- When people cut down trees for commercial use

- Trees being cut down to make a new community

- When trees are destroyed by natural disasters, like tornadoes

- Even when trees catch on fire it is considered a form of deforestation

what is the result of deforestation?


- Many different animals loose their homes

- Cutting trees down puts greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere

- Deforestation causes soil erosion, meaning the soil dies.

- Deforestation can change climate and amount of rainfall in a certain area

- Cutting down trees can greatly reshape the earths surface