Historic Bethel German Colony

Bethel Colony

Basic Community Rules , Family guidelines,Laws

The Historic Bethel German Colony has Each family was given a house and each person worked. Food was given from the Colony stores each Saturday and Clothing was provided in the spring and fall.Colonists lived by the golden rule and shared crops, clothing, crafts and even their earnings.

Marriage Guidelines and Carerrs

Marriage Guildelines in this colony is verry different from marriage guidelines of savannah G.A.Thier religos belifiefs makes up thier marigae guildlines. Their guildelines are that there should be no interfance between the opisted sex until marigae. Plus many more. They have the same carerres as the United States.

William Kiel , Education , Medical Guidlines , and Religiouis Belifies

Educated, Medical guidelines, and Religious Belifies

Education,Medical guidelines, and Religous Belifies

School was in Enginsh so as a result High German soon disappeared.Even through there were books in every home some vistors commeneted on the absenced of a library.Craftsman's skills were valued more than book knowledge. William Kiel didnt encourage learning languages and music.The plan was establish a settlement in the west based on the principles of Christian communal life for those among the people who emigrate to America to find the freedom of follow their pietistic beliefs.when George Rapp wenthe toke his followers.

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