Room 8 News

Mrs. Fitzgerald, 3rd Grade

January 8, 2016

Hello Parents and Students,

We had a fantastic week back! In reading we focused on making generalizations and summarizing a text. We also learned about biographies and autobiographies. In grammar we learned about irregular verbs, such as swim-swam and do-did. We began our next writing project: persuasive paragraph. We will begin prewriting our paragraphs next week.

In math we learned how to draw and write number sentences for division story problems. We learned how to identify congruent and similar shapes. We also learned how to identify units of mass and find the mass of an object, using a scale.

In social studies we learned about the French explorers Cartier and Champlain. We discussed where they settled and the effect their arrival had on the area.

Mrs. Fitzgerald

Priority Registration

I can't believe we're already talking about registration for next school year! Merryhill has begun our priority registration for current students. You should have received an email from Merryhill School with details about the registration, including fees, discounts, and important dates. If you have any questions regarding priority registration, please contact

Open House/Curriculum Night

We will be having our annual Open House/Curriculum Night for current and perspective parents on Thursday, January 21st from 5:30 P.M. - 7:00 P.M. This is a great opportunity to meet the fourth grade teachers and learn about the curriculum for next year. On this night, preview of the curriculum is at 5:30 P.M., and presentations will begin at 6:00 P.M. Please save the date and join us for the event.

Week of 1/5 Spelling

    1. fourth

    2. course

    3. storm

    4. morning

    5. forest

    6. serve

    7. herself

    8. certain

    9. dirty

    10. first

    11. pour

    12. fourteen

    13. court

    14. Florida

    15. form

    16. nerve

    17. perfect

    18. girlfriend

    19. thirsty

    20. skirt

    21. resources

    22. unfortunately

    23. commercial

    24. determine

    25. whirl

    Coming Up On Math Assessment 14...

    · Solving equal groups story problem

    · Measuring to a quarter inch

    · Checkbook register

    · Equivalent fractions

    · Labeling arrays

    · Telling time and finding elapsed time

    · Finding the area of a rectangle

    · Finding the sum, difference, or product

    Calendar Reminders...

    Please refer to for all important calendar dates (tests, projects, reports, school events, school closure dates, etc.).