The Ultimate Indian Traitor

Pocahontas- a hero for all time


  • Saved John Smith several times from her father
  • Saved many Englishmen from her tribe
  • Helped out the enemy instead of her tribe
  • Saved the English knowing she could be punished severely

  • Captured by the English
  • Turned into a Christian
  • Became Rebecca Rolfe
  • Was a bridge from the Natives to the English
  • Never fought against the English even though they stripped everything from her
Moral Direction

  • Helped Jamestown survived even though they were the enemy
  • Helped the very first English settlement be victorious

The Indian who saved America

  • Saved John Smith from death
  • Saved many Englishmen from her tribe
  • Helped Jamestown become a successful settlement
Without Pocahontas the first English settlement would have never survived and the English would have given up on colonizing the New World.
Colors of the Wind