HEA Newsletter

January 2019 Edition

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Important Reminders for Parents and Students

- Check Skyward weekly for grade updates

- Make sure your student is at school everyday, on time

- Email teachers whenever you have questions of a current grade or how to help your student

- Create after school routines for getting school work done and organized for the next day

- High School HEA parents make sure to join our Remind 101 for updates and alerts

- Update the school any time you get a new number or email

HS HEA Students of the Month -- January

Cooking Matters Program @ BGHS

This week our high school HEA students wrapped up their Cooking Matters program. Students learned about nutrition, cooking skills, and cost effective ways to prepare nutritious meals. They got to try many different fruits and vegetables as well as prepare and eat a meal each time they met. They made mini pizzas, spaghetti and meatballs, turkey tacos, eggs and pancakes, and a few other things. Below are some of the action shots of our students engaging with real-world, hands-on activities!
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Middle School HEA Update


We are finishing up equations with a focus on real-life situations. We are attempting to investigate equations are used in our everyday lives; such as our car loan, home mortgage, cable bill, electric bill, going to a fast-food restaurant, and our cell phone bill & usage plans. Next, we will focus on the properties of transformations (translations, rotations, reflections). During the third nine weeks, the HEA students will take on two hands-on projects, the replacement of the dry-erase board in the classroom and the corn-hole project.
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MS HEA Language Arts

Just before Christmas, the HEA students had been working diligently on folktales and studying themes, values, and heritage from around the world. Now, they are knee deep in Poetry! The students are analysing some of the greats including Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Maya Angelou, and Langston Hughes just to name a few. The focus for this unit is recognizing figurative language and other literary devices in action. With this understanding, students will hopefully have a better grasp of the English language, and they will be able to transfer this skill into their own writing.
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We received new workbooks for our HRT class titled “LifeSkills Training.” We have finished the introduction to the workbook and are preparing to learn about chapter 2, Making Decisions. Also in HRT, we are learning how to write in cursive. We hope to be able to write our names and the preamble of the US Constitution when are finished with our lessons. Writing in cursive will take some time to learn but the HEA students are doing great!

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