Hawaiian Shirt

Tips To Choose Aloha Wedding Shirts

A wedding is an auspicious occasion and calls for every possible ways to make it grand and memorable both for the couple and the guests. Unlike in the earlier days, weddings are no longer restricted to indoors. Modern couples are adopting newer and unique venues, some of which are even quirky like under water marriage. However, one of the most happening wedding themes which has been continuing since a long time and will continue to be in trend for the days to come is a Hawaii themed wedding. Hawaii themed weddings as the name suggests is set in the beaches of Hawaii and all the decorations are done in accordance with the Hawaiian spirit. Hawaiian weddings are full of enjoyments and refreshing, which is what makes these weddings so special. Hence, if you are also thinking about planning your wedding in Hawaii but is getting confused with how to choose your wedding shirt, make sure that you follow these guidelines.


Just as with choosing any other types of garments, you should always take your personal choice and preferences into consideration. While some people like to flaunt the loud and expressive nature of traditional aloha shirts, some like to keep it simple and sophisticated. It is only you who can decide whether you would like to sport the haphazardly designed traditional aloha shirts or the patterned and town-down contemporary aloha shirts. Hence, even before you hit the shop, try zeroing in to any one style of aloha wedding shirts to make your shopping more convenient and easier.


Despite the fact that cotton aloha shirts are the most comfortable and popular, you don't have to necessarily invest in the same. If your heart calls for silk or rayon, go for the fabric. After all, there is really no harm in bearing a little efforts to put forward your best look in your wedding day. Moreover, cotton shirts would never be able to match up to the shine of silk shirts and vibrancy of rayon shirts. However, if you prefer comfort over everything else and you really cannot manage the heat of Hawaii, then make sure that you go for cotton aloha wedding shirts.


Hawaii is a the land of enjoyments and free-mindedness. Hence, if you want to completely live up to the standards and essence of Hawaii, make sure that you include some popper up vibrant colors in your wedding theme, including your wedding shirt. For that, try to look out for wedding shirts which are a bit louder on the color palette.