why you should read nanberry


you must read nanberry black brother white.it is so great I didn't even have to read the book to know that I was already intrigued in it I just had to read the blurb and I already thought the book was marvellous. This fascinating book contains an emotional journey for Nanberry A historical and educational book.it is also has many magnificent charcters

first reason

This book is very emotional because when there was a smallpox out-break it spread through his clan killing them one by one and poor nanberry had to watch it all. He saw it all in front of him and it was not long before he was one of the last three cadigal left.

second reason

This marvellous book is a historical and educational read. it teaches us lots of historical information from 1788-1823. it is also helpful for people that are reading and learning it all at the same time.

final reason

this magnificent book has many extraordinary and fascinating character's. the many incredible character's are surgeon white,Rachel, Andrew and of course nanberry. i think surgeon white is thoughtful generous because when the marines thought they should be fed more then the convicts but surgeon white still decided to feed them the same. Rachel is very kind and forgiving as well
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now you know why you must read nanberry. I hope you will enjoy this book more than I did!!!!!!!!!!