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I decided to write about Abigail Adams and I went deep down into reasearch and found out that most of the information was based on these three topics. The first topic is her Childhood including her family and other personal information. The second topic is about her being the wife John Adams including how they met and much more! Finally my last topic is why she was important,not only about her being the First Lady but also about how she was involved in the revolutionary war.


To start of my paragraph I am going to talk about her family. Abigail's mother and father were William Smith and Elizibeth Quincy Adams. She also had 3 siblings. 1 brother and 2 sisters,William Smith the 2nd,Mary Smith Cranch,and Elizibeth Smith Shaw Peabody. Abigail was born November 22,1744 in Weymouth Massachusetts. Abigail's mother Elizibeth taught Abigail and all her siblings reading,writing,arithmetic,cooking and,sewing,almost like she home schooled them. Also by the age of 5 Abigail was expected to do daily chores,and was very good at them.

Abigail's siblings

Wife of John

After those child years passed by Abigail turned 19 when she met her on true love ,John Adams.John was 28 years old when they met. They got married October 25,1764. They lived together on a farm in Quincy Massachusetts with their six children. One of their kids was the 6th president of the United States,John Quincy Adams.John and Abigail loved hearing about each other's interests. They could sit for hours talking about the things they liked to do.

Why she was important

Not only was Abigail Adams the First Lady she also played and important part in the revolutionary war. She was known as the silent hero. She became the First Lady March,1801 at the age of 52. Did you know that she was the second woman in the world to become the First Lady? Now back to what I saying about her being a part of the revolutionary war. She helped but not exactly fought. But she did go through pain and hardship just to form our country. She was also well known for sending all those letters to John during the continental congress.


Now that you have learned about Abigail Adams you should know that she is more important that just being the wife of a president,I'm not saying she was not important for being John Adams wife.But she has done a lot more stuff than just than that.And after reading this you should know what other stuff she was important for,and you also learned personal information that someone would not know that off the top of there head.For example,I don't think someone would know that Abigail was expected to do chores by the age of 5 off the top of their head.And I don't think someone would know that Abigail and John loved talking about their interests together


Arithmetic: a branch of mathematics that deal with numbers and their addition,subtraction,multiplication,division

Continital Congress: something part of American history that was performed during or after the revolutionary war

First Lady: the wife of the U.S. President

Hardship: pain and suffering

Revolutionary war: related to involving or supporting a political revolution



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