"Earth 2.0"

Simple Facts

Scientific Name: Kepler 452b

Diameter- 21,-00

Average Distance from the Sun- 158 million km away

Average Temperature: Unknown

Length of Day- Unknown

Length- 385 earth day's

Moon- None

Number of Rings- None

How Old Would I Be?

On Earth 14 Years Old

On Naboo 13 Years Old

How Many Years Does It Take to Get There?

t= d/s

t=1,400 Light-years/ 0.1C

t= 14,000 years

Interesting Facts About Naboo:

~Naboo's Sun is 10% bigger than Earth's = Warmer climate

~There is a star that orbits around Naboo, and it is known as "G2 type star"

`Gravity will be 2x Stronger then Earth's