the red planet

Gravity and Exploration and Humans

The gravity on mars is 3.711m/s2 on Mars you would flout around a bunch. Mars has been explored not by humans but it has been explored by rovers. Humans can not live on mars because the constant changes in wether.

Moons and Rotation and Orbit

Mars has two moons. The moons names are Phobs and Deimos. Both moons are small and rocky. Mars it takes 24 hours and 38 minutes to rotate. Orbit it takes 687 days to orbit around the sun.

Temperature and Life and Atmosphere

The temperature on Mars is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. There could not be life on Mars.The atmosphere on Mars is 95.3 carbon dioxide and 2.7 nitrogen

Surface and Rings and Color

The surface on Mars is mostly dirt but some is ice. There are no rings on Mars. The color on Mars is red.

Discovery and name

Mars was discovered in 1659 by Christian Huygeng.Mars got its name by Ancient Romans.

Size and Distance

The size of Mars is 2,106 miles. Mars is the 4th planet from the sun. Also Mars is 141,600,000 miles from the sun.