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what is a cell?

What is a cell? A cell is the smallest unit of life. Every singal living organisom is made up of cells. you, your dog, your fish, the birds in the trees, the leaves on the tree, even the tree itself, are all made up of cells.

The many cells

How many cells are there? well technicly it wold be imposibal to determin how many cells there are, or even in a human. but there are multipul different types of cells ( nerve cells, musule cells, skin cells, bone cells, ect.). There are three main types of cells: animal cells, plant cells, and bactirial cells.

Bacteirial cells

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bacteirial cells are a type of cell known as prokaryotic. this means that, unlike the plant and anamal cells, they have no nucleus. This means that an antibiotic can work on them.

Plant cells

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plant cells are very interesting. They have two things that an animal cell doesn't have. 1 a cell wall, animal cells dont need a cell wall because animals have a skeleton, 2 chloroplast, plants cant catch their own food ( with the eception of carnivoris plants ) so they have chloroplast that makes their own food.

Animal cells

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Animal cells are the cells that make up a person and and and every animal on the planet.

Cell theory

the cell theory states that all cells come from preecisting cells through the prosese of mitosis.

Cell parts

>nucleus: the brain of the cell, D.N.A is found here.

>cytoplasom: all the organeles are found incide th cytplasom.

>cell membrane: controles what gets in and out of the cell.

>mitochonria:the organel that makes energy (A.T.P).

>endoplasticreticulum:transports protiens from the ribosomes.


>golgi body: it is like a pakaging plant.

>cell wall: helps the cell keep its shape.

>vacuale: where the cell stores it's water.

>chloroplast: makes glucose through photosynthysis.

Eukareyotic cells

Eukariotic cells are found in animals and plants. they have a a nucleus.

Prokariotic cells

prokairiotic cells are found in bactiria. they have no nucleus