Hello, Class!

My name is Daved Sanchez


Hello class. My name is stated in the sub-title above, and I am from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. My heritage is of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, but since I was born in the States I am totally Americanized.


Very since the beginning of High School I knew I wanted my Major to be Computer Science. My goal is to because a Software Engineer either for a company as large as Google or Microsoft, or make a name for myself with my own business. Below is a simple program just to show my hobby, and yes, I can make much better and more "complicated" ones.
Big image


I decided to join EXCEL because there was a great opportunity to get into research sooner, a community of talented individuals, and also because why not? 50/50 chance was getting in and not getting in, so there was nothing to lose but much to gain. Also, I might be able to nerd over and talk about programming with some other programmers in the EXCEL community.


I believe EXCEL will help me better my education at UCF by its expectations. I knew what I was signing up to do, and I will uphold such and will succeed. I do study on my own time, but going to the mandatory study hours is somewhat motivating; yet, it would be much more convenient if the UCF wifi connection wasn't as bad as it is in there so I could do my webassign work.


Even though I might seem fairly standoffish not sociable, I am very friendly. I can be talkative (in a good sense), open minded, and can have actual "arguments" in a definition of logical arguments, not the yelling type.