Reel History Final

Nathan Healey

Favorite Film

I had a couple of films that I really enjoyed, and though none of these favorites overlap the other, the film I chose is Cinderella Man. It exploited the tragic time that was the Great Depression. It followed Jim Braddock, a man brought to his knees by a series of unfortunate events which ultimately led him to rise up and bring the rest of America with him. I loved this film, because not only was it inspirational, but it had astounding acting as well. Jim was just trying to keep his family warm and safe in any way he possibly could. You can feel Jim's desperation and his determination.

Biggest Impression

This movie I chose for this topic would be Cinderella Man. It showed me that even when in the deepest of troubles, you can overcome. Jim and his family were nearing the bottom of barrel, but with hard work and dedication, they made it back to the top. One specific scene that got me was when Jim was asking for money at the bar. Especially when he was apoplogizing for begging. It's so hard to watch a man, throwing away his pride like that to do what's best for his family.

Least Favorite Film

Gods and Generals was my least favorite film. It was terribly boring to me, just the slowness and bleakness of the plot. It was very bland and I had trouble staying awake watching it. Not a very intresting dialouge or plot.

Most Intresting Time Period

The most intresting part of the class would've had to have been the end of the Civil War up to WW2 Era. I enjoyed many movies from these time periods. Many were well directed and written, as well as astounding acting and beautiful plots. They told their stories in awesome ways. My least favorite would've have to have been the Civil War. Mostly because these movies were more political or historically centered. What I mean by that is that they focused on the war or events more than the actual personal lives of the characters they were following.

How Did the Events Help Shape U.S. / My Perception

The movies we watched told me in great detail how the U.S. molded into what it is today. In many of the movies, we saw the U.S. in some sort of conflict that it had to overcome, whether it be a war or depression. It also showed how the country came out of those troubles and how it learned from them to not make the same mistakes it had made in the past. That, or it showed how the U.S. industrialized and got better, such as the creation of the Hoover Dam or the oil rigs.

The movies we viewed helped form my perception greatly. I have a new sense of U.S. history I hadn't had before. I learned alot about the diff time periods America had went through. I also learned about many people that had made a difference and changed the course of our country.