Compass Family Update

August 4, 2014

Building Beautification Days!

We got into our space for the first time on Saturday! We had about 20 people come in and help us throughout the day and we got a great start to the building beautification project. We also had some great donations from a few parents to make sure our volunteers were fed and had enough to drink. Thank you!

We regret that the DOE didn't let us in earlier, but we were prepared for this and we are grateful to have a community as supportive as all of you. We appreciate your help and kind words of support.

There is still quite a bit of work to be completed before the kids come on September 4th. The school building will be open from 8am until 6pm this week as well as the dates listed below. Please let us know if you are able to come help for a shift or an entire day.

Days the building will be open:

Tuesday, 8/5, 8am until 6pm

Wednesday, 8/6, 8am until 6pm

Thursday, 8/7, 8am until 6pm

Friday, 8/8, 8am until 6pm

Saturday, 8/9, 8am until 4pm

Thursday 8/14, 8am until 6pm

Friday 8/15, 2pm - 6pm

Saturday 8/16, 8am until 6pm

Thanks to all of the families who have donated or loaned painting supplies and tools to us. They have been very helpful! If you have tools that you think we could use, please let us know.

If you can't make it to volunteer, but you would like to help us, please consider dropping off a case or two of bottled water for our volunteers. It gets pretty warm on the fourth floor and we want to make sure everyone stays hydrated.

Thank you!

Please RSVP to the Family Welcome Party

Last week we sent an invitation to our Family Welcome Party. This event take place from 4pm-7pm on September 2nd.

Please click this link to sign up to bring a dish to the Pot Luck Dinner.

More information about the Family Welcome Party can be found here:

Afterschool Update

On Saturday, Todd sent an email with an update about after-school. We are pleased that the YMCA will allow families to make payments every four weeks instead of requiring you to pay the entire amount up front. Please note that changing schedules could lead to the YMCA needing to cut staff hours or worse lay employees off due to a lack of staffing needs. The risk of this happening is the reason why their policy is to ask for all after-school payments up front. As we lobbied for monthly payments, this concern was the reason for their hesitation. If it helps, you can pay for more than one month each time you visit the Y. That way you won't have to make a trip there every four weeks.

August Family Gathering, 8/23, 1pm-4pm

Please save the date for our August Family Gathering on 8/23 from 1pm - 4pm. We will send an invitation with more detailed information in the coming days.

If you have any suggestions for parks or places to gather, please let us know. Thanks!

Compass Arts Committee

Are you interested in joining our Arts Committee?

Compass parent, Heather Maxon, has been working with us to bring the arts into our school. She took the lead on writing a grant that will cover part of the cost of bringing a visual arts teaching artist to our school this year. If we are awarded the grant, we will also received $1000 worth of art supplies for the school.

Heather is going to continue to help infuse the arts into our school by forming an Arts Committee. This committee will meet regularly to help ensure that we are integrating the arts into our curriculum and that we have arts materials and training for all of our teachers. The committee will also work to ensure that your children have access to arts classes throughout their time at Compass. If you are interested in joining this committee, please email Heather at

Have you completed the School Food Form?

Compass has now been added to the Department of Education's School Food program.

The Department of Education asks that all families enter in their information, even if they do not intend to eat school food. Certain state funding depends on having ALL FAMILIES fill out this information. We need everyone to apply for School Food even if you do not intend to use it for your child.

Please click the link and complete the information as soon as possible as this will impact our funding. Please make sure to choose Compass Charter School 84K789.

Here is the link to the application:

As of yet the DOE has not informed us how to keep track of your submissions. Please email our summer fellow, Sam, once you have completed the form. Her email address is Thank you!

What We're Reading This Week:

Below are some articles we have found interesting since our last update. Feel free to send us any articles you would like to share and we will include them in our next update.

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Disclaimer: We are not endorsing anything in these articles. We are simply sharing them because we thought you might like to read them.

Needs Assessment for Founding Families

Thanks to all of the families who completed this survey! If you have recently joined the Compass community, please complete the following survey so we can better understand your needs for the upcoming year. Thank you!

Compass Charter School

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