News Notes & Dates

Week of December 8

Principal's Corner

** Special Ed Model conversation will be continuing in January. Stay tuned.

** Thanks to those of you who have provided valuable input for the possible future changes to Nagel with the passing of the Bond Levy. Representatives from all departments have shared visions, thoughts and ideas on how the 21st century classroom can best assist with student learning. Today, Dr. Jackson, the architect firm, teachers, and parents will be meeting to discuss those suggestions. We will keep you updated as we learn more.

** Mercy Health Plex has offering for you. If you are interested click here.

**Thanks Mary for sharing this story.


* Wed. Dec 10 - Achiever's Meeting Room 115 2:30 pm

* Thurs. Dec 11 - Orchestra Concert

*Sat. Dec 13 - ACT Testing


Counselor's Corner

1. Go Offline Day:

  • From the words of a family leader >>
  • Thank you to everyone involved in this wonderful, meaningful, annual event for Nagel's 8th graders. The administration and staff need a huge round of applause for all the work that goes into making this day so special for not only the students, but every adult participating. Bottom's those fabulous kids who are willing to listen, learn and pay attention to the feelings, emotions and reactions of their peers....everyone benefits from this tremendous experience. Lives can change!

2. Shop & Share:

  • A huge thank you to everyone for their outstanding efforts for promoting the Shop & Share event. The financial contributions you made as well are greatly appreciated as you well know. We will have many happy Nighthawks that otherwise might not have been. Your hearts and checkbooks are HUGE!

We asked and you delivered! More than $9,000 was raised between three schools for our families! THANK YOU!

Lizzy's Academic Advice

Lizzy's Weekly Information

Rock Wednesday, 12/10

Core teachers, reminder of Rock Wednesday this Wednesday (12/10) to meet with Rich and Brenda to discuss progress monitoring data on students in Math and/or Reading Connections. Please bring you computers and be sure you have completed the Academic Data Q2 document (and have identified, based on data, the Academically At-Risk, Teacher Watch, and High Performing students). Rich and Brenda will share information with you on individual students, including some strategies/interventions that they have seen work for some of the students. Please use the Academic Data Q2 document to note this information and consider adding to/amending the PSP when necessary.

Soaring through the Seasons

Please read through the Soaring through the Seasons documents. Be sure you are familiar with the schedule and assignments (specifically for encore teachers) and that you communicate any problems you notice. This will be the schedule we will operate on for Friday, December 19th.

Joy's Journal

Structure Creates Behavior

Hey fantastic Nagel Nation Stars! There have been a few questions recently pertaining to level one behaviors, or behaviors that should be handled within the classroom or as a team. Therefore, I thought I'd briefly identify those behaviors in this week's edition of NN&D.

Level 1: Mild Behaviors (Classroom Level)

- Missing work

- Classroom rules

- Minor disruptions

- Minor theft

- Minor misuse of electronic devices

- Sleeping


- Non-sexual touching

- Late to class (after 3 times, office referral)

- Student without a planner

- Minor vandalism

- Unprepared for class

- Horseplay

- Minor profanity

- Minor bullying

- Minor disrespect

- Cheating/Plagiarism (first offense)

- Refusal to work

- Food/Drink

- Dress Code

- Minor Internet policies

- Gum (P.E., LC, labs, music)

When handling all behaviors, a phone call home is the first step. Remember, you may also arrange your own detention after school if you deem necessary.

Thank you for the wonderful work you do everyday to support appropriate, positive behaviors in the Nagel Nation. Keep handing out those SOAR cards!

The Bailey Special

The Winter Athletic Season is here! Check our schedule for games/times and check our website for game results.

New After-school Clubs for Kids: Racquetball and Laser Tag (shared on Schoology)

Athletic Rosters will be emailed this week (Basketball, Cheer, Gymnastics, & Wrestling)