Mesopotamian gazette

By: Kaden Sukup

The shifting sands

An Erg is a huge area of shifting sand dunes in the saharra

The old school peoples

Bedouins are nomadic desert people's of Southwest Asia
The Bedouin Lifestyle

The underwater water tower

An aquifer is an underground rock layer that water floats through.

The oil rich country of Saudi Arabia

Three facts about Saudi Arabia are.

1. Saudi Arabia is the largest country in southwest Asia & is about half the size of the U.S

2. In 1932 the Saud clan United all of the clans together and still rule today

3. Saudi Arabia makes most of its money from oil. They use this money to make schools, hospitals, airports and roads.

The worlds largest cooking stove

Three facts about the Saharra Desert are.

1. The Saharra desert is the largest desert in the world.

2. This desert stretches from Egypt all across North Africa to the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Sahara comes from the Arabic word meaning desert.

The Sahara Desert

The one and only Iran

Three of the many facts about Iraq are...

1. About 70% of Iraqs 24.2 million people live in urban areas.

2. Around the early 2000's the U.S. and Great Britain sent experts into Iraq to look for weapons of mass destruction

3. From 1979 to 2003 a military dictator named Sadam Hussein ruled Iraq with an iron fist. Sadam was captured during December 2003 by a U.S led coalition.