Naruto Volume 60 Kurama

by: Masashi Kishimoto

Lead Characters

1) Naruto
2) ???
3) Sasuke
4) Kurama
6) Killer Bee



* The 5th Great Ninja War has started
* It started because an unkown man wants the ultimate power of the tailed beasts
* All of the Villages have teamed up to stop this threat
* It is up to a ninja named Naruto to kill him


* I liked this book because the storyline is very well written.
* My favorite part of the book is when Naruto learns the names of the 9 tailed beasts.
* I would not change anything because I would screw the book up
* I like most of the characters except ??? because he is a jerk who killed a lot of people in the war, and killed the owners of the tailed beasts
* I would recommend this book if your willing to catch up and read books 1-59 and you liked the plot

Type of Language

* The book uses technical language and complex language
* Personification- Your true feelings wont be transmitted to us biju.
*Onomatopoeia- Thud, Slam, Blam
* The language sort of makes it hard to read but also the pronunciations are a little hard and you have to read the book from left to right
* It is also pretty difficult to follow the boxes when you first start reading