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Fourth of July - Per day to Journey and Don't forget

The Fourth of July weekend is coming, and whilst we’re all looking forward to finding out on our bikes and using, we wanted to reflect on what the Fourth of July means. Triumph Motorcycle

In 1776, when our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, they were probably extremely happy - for about a minute - and after that they realized they had thrown down the gauntlet and invited one of the most powerful nations on Earth to a brawl.

The next few years would be full of turmoil, violence and death, but during the end a ragtag group of men and women who valued independence more than their lives did the impossible - they beat the British army and navy and won their freedom.

More than the next century, America would tear itself apart in a civil war that resulted in millions dead, millions far more wounded and lives as well as country shattered almost beyond repair.

Again, our nation moved forward and swelled its ranks as immigrants from all more than the world flooded her shores. When the reception they received wasn’t always the warmest, they stuck about and helped build the nation.

Prosperity would be followed by economic times that again threatened to destroy America, but the resilience of her people kept the country alive and prosperity returned. For more details please visit my site

Two world wars would follow, and America would uncover herself as the world’s strongest and soundest nation. Internal strife would visit her again and again, but always during the end the nation stood strong.

From the moment we declared our independence until this incredibly working day, Americans have known that to keep something that precious alive and strong, it would require sacrifice, do the job plus the ability to recall what our forefathers had committed themselves to almost three hundred years ago.

So this Fourth of July, just before you climb onto your bicycle, or hit the beach or sit back and watch fireworks, try to remember what it is to generally be an American - and the sacrifices that this nation made to receive in which we are today.

That spirit has carried the United States of America by way of her darkest days, and will continue to do so well into the future.
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