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School's Out for Summer

And that's a wrap! Another school year at EDS has come to an end. It's time for long lazy days in the sun, flip flops, sno-cones, and new adventures. While you lounge pool side, take a moment to check out our latest alumni newsletter and raise a toast to the many accomplishments of our wonderful students.

Featured Alumni: The Athlete

Laura Carleton Doody, EDS Class of 2004, embodies one of the main tenents of our school's Portrait of a Graduate. At EDS, we encourage students to live a balanced lifestyle, and teach the importance of wellness, and nurturing the body, mind, and spirit.

After leaving EDS, Laura attended high school at St. Louis Catholic. She was ranked one of the top distance runners in the state and won titles in numerous events, including the district and regional MVP award in cross country in 2008. Not only did she excel athletically, but Laura graduated with honors and was ranked 3rd in her class.

Laura attended LSU and was a stand out on the university track team. She received the University Medal during commencement ceremonies in 2011 for maintaining the highest grade-point average of her graduating class with a perfect 4.0. She also was the most accomplished distance runner in the history of the Lady Tiger program and made history as the first Lady Tiger to be named an SEC Champion in a distance over a mile with her win in the 5,000 meter race. She still holds 3 LSU individual records.

Laura graduated from LSU in May 2011 with a degree in business management and earned her MBA in 2013. After graduation, Laura joined Oschner Health System as an Administrative Finance Fellow. She completed her fellowship in May 2015 and joined the team full-time as the Financial Operations Manager. Last August, Laura married Cullen Doody and together they have one "child," an 80 pound golden doodle named Maddox. They currently reside in New Orleans.

Q&A with Laura Doody

Did you stay in touch with EDS friends?

Yes! EDS friends have and will last a lifetime for me. I talk weekly with Brooke Vincent, Anna Boyer, Maggie Walker, and A'Dair Flynt. (all pictured right)

What impact did EDS have on you?

I started at EDS in PK2. A VERY high level of participation in the classroom and extracurricular activities was the norm and encouraged from administration and peers. Doing well in the classroom was “cool” at EDS, and that mentality and learning environment created a foundation that I continued to follow through the rest of my education. One memory that cracks me up is racing Micaela Holland in 3rd grade on who could complete and turn in our multiplication worksheets first. We had a great rivalry in the classroom and are friends and soon to be co-workers today.

Did EDS create a love of learning in you?

Yes, it definitely did. My love of reading developed at an early age at EDS. In Mrs. Spiller’s 3rd grade class, I remember reading 100 books in one school year and in Mrs. Rodger’s 4th grade when she cried as she was reading aloud the end of Where The Red Fern Grows. Reading and continuous learning is still an important part of my life today.

What passions did you find at EDS?

I have to give EDS credit for my track career since it all began there under the tenure of Coach Clemmons. I also loved being involved in basketball, volleyball, dance team, and cheerleading. Even though I wasn’t great at all of these, it was a lot of fun and the comradery within the athletic teams in middle school certainly influenced the athlete and person I became later in life.

EDS Class of 2016

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The EDS class of 2016 graduated on Friday, May 20th. These young students are off to high school and we know they will continue on to do amazing things.


Front row (L to R); Hannah Hancock, Rachel Guilbeau, Chloe Camel, Helene Girard, Lucile Rumsey, Madelyn Tadlock, Hannah Shimer

Second row (L to R): McKenzie Mathews, Ja'niyah Mitchell, Samoan Combre, Emma Ogea, Emily Martin, Christi Kruger

Third row (L to R): Andrew Castleberry, Abram Conner, Cameron Currie, Brennan Gover, Evan Marque, Dyllan Mendelson

Fourth row (L to R): Ethan Bottoms,Cade Bruney, Matthew Fontenot, William Condos, Jordan Lundy, Philip Melton

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EDS class of 2012 Graduates High School

Every year we hold an EDS alumni luncheon for our former students who are graduating high school. This is always a lovely event that gives us the opportunity to catch back up with students and hear about their college plans. From left to right, Mary Landry, Rikki Gilmore, Harry Latil, John Richards, Madison Moffett, Boo Kay, and Isabela Walkin.

Alumni News

  • Kate Wyman and Anna Boyer, EDS class of 1999 and 2003 respectively, are co-owners of the Grove Street Press located in New Orleans. They hosted an open house to showcase their wares at The Papersmith, a local gift and paper shop in Lake Charles. (pictured right)
  • Kellen Matthews, EDS class of 1996, received the Louis Berry Award presented by the Greater Baton Rouge chapter of the Louise A. Martinet Legal Society. Matthews received the award in recognition of his continuous work and support within the legal community and all that he has contributed to the Martinet Society.

Quotable Alumni

"I'm currently working at Trinity Episcopal Day School as a teacher's assistant on the days I don't have class and I LOVE IT!! It reminds me so much of EDS!" - Shelby Quirk, EDS Class of 2007 (pictured right back in her EDS days)

"My best friends from EDS are still my best friends. Margaret Young's wedding is in late April. I am her Maid of Honor. Penelope Gayle lives across the river from me." - Michelle Dunnick, EDS Class of 2000

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EDS Throwback

We're throwing it WAY back in this alumni newsletter. Check out those uniforms!

Pictured above is the 3rd grade class of 1959. Do you recognize or know anyone in this photo? If so, please let us know. You can email us at

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