Delays of Ending The Cold war

by Alejandro Jackson

Ho chi minh

He also delayed the ending by trying to spread communism to the south of Vietnam . But they had been allies with The United States therefore the war would last longer becuase they were being helped to defenf their side.

Vietnam war

The south vs north basically the fight was over communism to be spread. But with the help of the United states the south was able to have a non communism country , and communism finally, died off in vietnam.

Missile crisis and Fidel castro

This another reason why the war ending was delayed because the crisis was a big misunderstanding , then the u.s thought Cuba wanted war. But the Russians were the ones that placed the bombs in Cuba. Fidel Castro was also a reason because he didn't want to stop communism , he thought he was doing right by his country


Alot of delaying because if a country would take over land another country that did not agree would try to start war. Kind of like pushing peoples button till something happens.

Mao zedong

He wanted to spread communism all over the country so children started to leave school because they thought communism was important.

38th parrelell

an agreement to stop killing of the people, people were being killed because of communism trying to spread.

Domino theory

This was the one of the most important because the u.s were trying to stop it in general from spreading because it was bad in their eyes.