my travels around the world

SS project, julia vishnesky 3rd period

mexico city- geography and climate

in my recent travels to mexico city I have seen many different things. Mexico city is beautiful and very big. I went to see the ring of fire which is many volcanoes next to each other. There is rugged land and some deserts. mexico city is known for hurricanes. they also have many volcanoes in the area. There has been rainfall since I have been here and when I was speaking to some of the villagers they said that in the past there has been horrible earth quakes. only a few people live in Seirra Madre and have come to mexico city searching for work. Mexico city is a tropical land and Mexico forms a land bridge or a narrow strip of land that joins two larger landmasses. The pacific ocean border Mexico on the west. I have learned so many new things and i have had so much fun! I cant wait till i have the chance to come back!

Cuba- government

Through my travels I have been through many cultures and villages. This week I went to Cuba and went through the villages and asked multiple people about the government and how they thought about it and if they thought it was fair or not. One topic that came up a lot was that they were a communist state and their dictator, president Fidel Castro. They said that he led a revolution that took control of the government. He set up a communist state and turned to the Soviet Union for support. When he seized property belonging to the American countries, the United States government responded. It set up Embargo, or a ban trade against Cuba. I really thought it was interesting learning this from them and i hope i get to learn more soon!

Chile- culture and people

This weekend I went to Chile and have examined their culture and people. Chile is a very cool and exciting place to visit. I learned that they mostly all speak Spanish and most are Mestizos. Mestizos is a large minority that is made up of people who have a native american and European back round. I travelled to one of their Roman Catholic churches because that is their main religion there. In Chile they take their religion very seriously and have strict rules to live by in The Roman Catholic church. I learned many cool facts like, 80 percent live in Urban areas. I also learned that Chile has been a democratic republic since 1989! Isn't that cool! I would love to explore more of their culture and people some time, I feel like a learned so so much from this trip.
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Rio - economy

when I travelled to Rio I found my self so into learning about the economy! I learned that the Economy of the Rio de Janeiro City is the second largest regional economy. Brazil's second most important industrial area is the Sao Paulo Metropolitan. Construction is an important activity, provides a significant source of employment for large numbers of workers and is buoyed by the number of seasonal residents who build second homes in the Greater Rio area. Having been the capital for more than 300 years, the city of Rio De Janeiro City as the site for the headquarters of many private, national, multinational, and state corporations, even when their factories were located in other cities or states. As with manufacturing, Rio is an important financial centre, second only to São Paulo in volume of business in financial markets and in banking Its securities market, although declining in significance relative to São Paulo, is still of major importance. I feel like i have learned the most about the economy of Rio out of all the different places i have been too. I had fun learning it too! It was a very interesting country to study
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