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The Red Sea, likewise called the Arabian Gulf is an inlet of the Indian Ocean that lies in between Africa and Asia. It connects to the ocean at the south through the Bab el Mandeb strait as well as the Gulf of Aden, and in the north through the Gulf of Aqaba and the Gulf of Suez which leads to the Suez Canal. Lying as it does within the Great Rift Valley, the Red Sea Holidays has an area of around 169,100 square miles. It is 2211 metres ad its deepest point, and has extensive superficial shelves around the edges which are noted for their marine life and corals throughout RED SEA HOLIDAYS. There are over 1000 invertebrate types and over 200 soft and tough corals in the Red Sea, and it is the worlds most northern tropical sea.

There are also more than 1200 types of fish including 42 types of deep water fish right here. Around 10 % of the fish discovered here cannot be discovered anywhere else worldwide. The rich variety discovered right here is partly due to the 1,240 miles of coral reef that extend along its shoreline numerous of which are thousands of years old. Check out The earliest exploration of the was by the old Egyptians in around 2500 BC when they were attempting to develop industrial paths to Punt. Later on in the 6th Century BC Darius the Great of Persia sent reconnaissance objectives to the Red Sea which resulted in enhanced navigation of the region. After that lots of people consisting of Alexander the Great have continued to compile and discover details on the Cheap Holiday Packages, and at times it has actually been a preferred route for the spice trade amongst other things.

Lying as it does in between dry land, desert and semi-desert the environment of the Email Egypt Holidays is an outcome of two distinct monsoon periods - one a north easterly monsoon, the other a south westerly one. Since of the differential heating between land surface area and sea, these monsoon winds take place. Rain over the Red Sea and its coastlines is very low and averages only 60mm per year. It is best known within the traveler industry for its spectacular diving and snorkelling sites. There are many leisure diving sites worth mentioning, but some of the very best understood are Ras Mohammed, SS Thistlegorm which is a shipwreck website, and Elphinstone. Know more about Red Sea Holidays. The southern end of it is less kind after as a tourist zone because of the presence presently of pirates from Somalia, however the northern end where the popular Sharm el Sheikh beach lies is considered much safer.