Life Sandwich

William Aceytuno

Top Slice of Bread

"We're moving, surprise!" my parents yelled, well, that's how I remember it, eerything was loud when I was little. We were going to move to Texas. We used to live in L.A., California. . . I don't know why we moved here. I lived in Cali for six years and Texas for seven. I'm happy to be living in Texas now, but I miss restaurants like El Pollo Loco. Sometimes we take trips to California to see our family. Now, I go to Brown Middle School. I've had some adventures while I was here in Texas. For example, I almost got a detention on the first day of seventh grade, I went to the principal's office in sixth grade, and my brother got us lost in the woods. I'm still glad to have moved here though.

American Cheese

"Yo," I said to Adam, or Bill Woodcutter, "Are you nervous?" "Nah, I think we'll do fine." We were about to perform our 6th grade production of The Big Bad Musical. The lights were dark, and the music begin. The actors got in their places, ready for the first musical number. It started out fine, but then. . . something happened. Jonathan's phone went off during the performance and he was talking to Siri. He was taking selfies and all. Then someone forgot their queue and another person forgot their lines, and there was a long, long silence. When somebody finally stepped in, we continued the play. However, we had to skip someone's entire solo because he couldn't remember it. But now, I've been in much more successful plays such as The Magician's Nephew, The Little Mermaid, and ALiCE.

Swiss Cheese

"Dude, I think we're lost," I said to my big brother, "Nah, fam, I know exactly where we are." My brother was trying to navigate us out of the woods."Andrew, that's the same rock we passed earlier," my little sister said, "Okay so maybe we're a little lost," he replied. I love my siblings but sometimes they aren't the brightest, I am not always the smart one, but at least I didn't get us lost in the woods. "Hey, I remember that is the same creek we jumped over, and that's the same fallen tree we went under," I said, "How do you know?" asked Andrew, "Because we were arguing about whether Minecraft is better than Terraria or not," I replied, "For the record Terraria is better," Bella said, "Whatever," I muttered. My siblings and I, get along for the most part, we're as close as peas in a pot, but we disagree occasionally, for example, Bella DOESN'T LIKE STAR WARS, but we love each other.

Slice of Meat (Salami)

Fwoosh! My dad lit hi whip on fire. You aren't simply born with the ability to crack a fire whip. My dad, Carl, was a boss. I've always loved martial arts/sword fighting, and that's because of my dad. Many things I love are because of my father: video games, fighting, fantasy, and theatre. My mom loves cats, and so, I love cats. The first cat we got, was Nala, we've had eight cats over the years, but now I lie with four, including my sister. I love my parents, although sometimes I don't understand why I need to do what they say, but it's always for the best. No matter what my parents say to me, it's because they love me, and they want me to grow up as a great person.


1 There I was, ready for The End A

2 I would eventually reach the final bend A

3 I hopped into the portal my head up high B

4 And I looked around at the great purple sky B

5 There I was, my diamond word close at hand A

6 Prepared to fight the dangers of this land A

7 I looked overhead, I looked in awe B

8 As the mighty dragon slashed me with her claw B

9 There I was, firing away with my bow A

10 When an arrow punctured her eye, she went limp like a fallen crow A

11 There I was, staring at the dragon's egg B

12 I needed to destroy it, I'd throw it off the ledge B

13 I turned around and gasped with surprise A

14 A creeper with a pulsing aura seemed to rise A

15 It blew me up, and it was too late B

16 So I clicked respawn, and headed for the end gate B


"What's up with you? Yesterday I couldn't even say the word die without you shivering, now you believe Nala was rose from the dead?" My brother tried to calm me down. "Okay, first of all, don't ever say that word again, second, she's not dead, she faked her death," I said, "You mean an old cat faked her own death," he replied, "Yeah, maybe it is a little crazy." I hate it when people, or cats, die. Why can't we all skip through meadows? Why don't flowers talk and grass whisper "It's alright"? Sometimes life sucks and you need someone to help you up. I haven't faced death very much, so I can't go to funerals. I bet I'm not the first person to say it's sad when people die, and I won't be the last. It was a terrible thing when our amazing old cat kicked the bucket. I can't stand the thought of someone real close to me dying.


"Oh dear, there is much trouble in here," I said as I combed the ashes out of my cat's fur. It all started on a lovely evening when the birds were kind of singing, the morning dew was not there, and the sun was starting to set behind the other houses. The flame was flickering wildly. Fire is fun. It's fun to use a lighter. Sometimes I want to share it with other people because I'm not 100% sane. So I had a cat named Mynx, and Mynx had real long hair. i wanted to show my cat the pretty fire. Then everything seemed to go in slow motion. I showed my cat the flame and a tiny piece of fur caught fire. I saw the flame grow and expand, and Mynx gave me a I-have-no-idea-what's-going-on-but-fix-it look. Without thinking, I batted the fire with my hand and it went out. Mynx was not hurt, but some of her hairs were singed. Then the front door opened, "Oh deary me, I am in quite the pickle."


"You know, I've never tripped and fell on my face before ," I said to one of my friends, "Really? Not once," he replied, "Not a single time." It was true. It was true. . . I am not usually a clumsy person. I don't understand how people fall completely, I mean, we have two legs. I never considered the thought of both feet getting tripped. But then that all changed. It was a wonderful morning and I happened to be strolling super stylishly so I could get to class. I walked by someone who tried to trip me, he hit one of my legs, and I stumbled forward. I turned around to say "Not today sir, I-whoah!" Another one of this dude's friends sweeped my feet from the back, and I fell right on my backpack. It hurt a lot because there was something sharp in there that day. As I struggled to get up, everyone around me started laughing. I tried to get up, but my backpack was too heavy. I finally got up and said, "You guys didn't see that!"

Bottom Slice of Bread

The only thing I want to be when I grow up is whatever I become. I want to be whatever God calls me to be. Some things I had in mind, though, was being an Architect, Video game designer, or Video game tester, etc. So I'll try to get good grades so I'm capable of becoming great things. I've been through quite a bit. And who knows, maybe in my future I'll face the end of the world or something. Perhaps the stock market will crash, or maybe America will get bombed. (Hopefully not that. . .) But as of now, I'm pretty satisfied with who I am.
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