Ms. Sizemore's Class News

April 5, 2016

Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday, April 5: Field Trip to Pack Library @ 1:00
  • Tuesday, April 12: Field Trip to Asheville Community Theatre (leaving around 9:00)
  • Friday, April 8: Poetry Cafe
  • April 14 & April 15: Camp Greenville
  • Tuesday, April 26: Field Trip to Pack Library @ 1:00
  • Tuesday, April 26: Experience Dickson! K-2 5:30-6;!5; 3-5 6:15-7:00
  • Thursday, April 28: Stand Against Racism 12:30-2:15

What We Are Learning

In Math, we are currently wrapping up our unit on fractions. Students have learned a lot about fractions and built a strong foundation for mathematical understanding in the upper grades. This week, we started a new math unit on measurement. For the remainder of the year, we will continue to work on solving multi-step word problems with more than one operation. In Language Arts, we are beginning a unit on cultures. Our essential question is What happens when two ways of life come together? We are also talking about the factors that shape a person's like. Students will be writing essays about a person of their choosing. In Social Studies, we are examining the life of Isaac Dickson to help us learn about the history of our community. In Science, we continue to work on our pea growing projects and will begin studying land and water features. Join us for Experience Dickson! at the end of April.

EOG Testing

It is hard to believe we are already talking about this, but End-of-Grade Testing is scheduled for the week of May 23. There will be two days of testing for both reading and math. Make-ups and retests will continue for the remainder of the school year. It is important for students to be present and on time during the week of EOG's (if possible).

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Report Cards

Report cards go home on Friday. I have already met with students and discussed their grades with them. If you have any questions about your child's report card, please let me know.

Camp Greenville

We are preparing to take more than 100 kids to Camp Greenville! We need some parents to help load the bus and cars with students' belongings before we depart. If you are available to help, please let me know. There will be more reminders next week.

Artist in Residence

Sharon Smith is a local acting teacher who specializes in improvisation. All third-grade students will work with Ms. Smith to use the Living History process to present the life of Isaac Dickson. For Living History, students research historical stories about characters and events, write a scenario based on their interpretation of those events, and either write a script or improvise a scene or short play, and rehearse it for presentation (which will be in May). This opportunity is being provided through a TAPAS grant from the Asheville City Schools Foundation. I have asked students to share what they are learning about acting and improvisation. So far, they are having a blast!


  • Thanks to Amy (Stella's mom) and Bonnie ( Nora's mom) for helping us celebrate Chinese New Year.
  • Thanks to Kelly (Alastair's mom) for walking with us to the Cashore Marionette field trip.
  • Thanks to Scott (Luna's dad), Paul (Stella's dad) and Kiki (Thema's mom) for chaperoning during the SOCON game.
  • Thanks to all the amazing parents that make the Pack Library field trips possible. (We are growing library patrons!)
  • Thanks to Temoc's family, Ella's family, Myles' family, Stella's family, Max's family and Isaiah's family for providing healthy, delicious snacks during February and March.
  • Thanks for providing scholarships for Camp Greenville. We are so lucky that all third-grade students are able to take advantage of this opportunity.