Academic Support Enrichment Update

September 25th

Next Week!

Monday, September 28th: School Buzz ... bring a Nut-Free lunch!

Tuesday, September 29th: Speech and Debate... lunch optional

Wednesday: No Academic Support Enrichment

Thursday, October 1st: Young Playwrights...Academic Support Only

Friday, October 2nd: Good Deed Club

Debate Topic for Tuesday

Is artificial intelligence a threat to humanity?
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A Few Reminders

How do I know which activity is happening?

I will always email you about which clubs are on any given day, and I post it outside of my room. They are also announced on morning annoucements and on the weekly newblast on the Parents' Page of the RMS website.

What if I want to work on my play/ my debate/ plans for philanthropic projects?

Let your academic teacher know that you plan to be in my room...or get a pass from me...and you can come on days when you are not assigned.

What if I want to join a new club or drop out of a club?

Just email me and let me know!

Will there be new clubs this year?

Yes! This fall, we will be adding a video-making club later on in the season. In the winter and spring, clubs shift again, too.

What's happening with Model UN and Youth & Government?

We are waiting to hear about registration. Remember to email me if you want to get the registration packet when it comes out!