Have you been through the Iraq War?

By: Dallas & Robyn

What is the Iraq war?

In 2003 the Second Persian Gulf War (Iraq War) conflicted in Iraq that consisted two of the phases. Conventionally fought war in March–April 2003, in which a combined force of troops from the United States and Great Britain.

An American soldier on Aug. 19

A suicide bomber drives a cement mixer full of explosives into the side of the United Nations compound in Baghdad and blows it up, killing 17 people and wounding at least 100 in an attack on one of the principal agencies in charge of rebuilding Iraq.

Bush Orders Start Of War On Iraq

WASHINGTON, Thursday, March 20— President Bush ordered the start of a war against Iraq on Wednesday night, and American forces poised on the country's southern border and at sea began strikes to disarm the country, including an apparently unsuccessful attempt to kill Saddam Hussein.

U.S. troops pull down a statue of Saddam Hussein in central Baghdad

Saddam Hussein's rule collapses in a matter of hours as much of Baghdad comes under American control. Across much of the capital, Iraqis take to the streets to topple statues of Mr. Hussein, loot government ministries and interrogation centers, and give a cheering, often tearful welcome to advancing American troops.

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