John Adams VS. Thomas Jefferson

Vote For John Adams

I voted for John Adams

I voted for John Adams because he wanted a strong national government. I agree with this because in our current time period we have a strong national government. If the states had more power some of them could break form the United States and become new colonies and wars could break out too.

History in the Making

Freedom and Liberty

Adams wanted and was in favor of a strong army and navy to help protect us. If we did not have protection we would be vulnerable to other colonies. If the United States had fallen freedom and liberty would have to. He also wanted to be ruled by the wealthy and educated. I agree and disagree because.

§ The wealthy know what to do and have pretty good experience with politics and biasness production.

§ The wealthy usually only think about themselves and not others .I want to be ruled by a man who is honest, hardworking, wise, response, & respectful for what the people have to say cause we have a voice to.