visit Texas

why you should visit Texas intro

You should visit Texas because. the weather is very nice and warm.There's lots of good food here like spicy mexican and great BBQ. There's also lots of beaches. also you can visit the alamo. Plus Chris bosh and nick jonas are from here and many more celebraties. i think you will like Texas.

Fun Places to See and Things to Do

In Texas there are lots of fun things to see and do. Like go to the beach or go to a Dallas Cowboys or Mavericks game. You could also eat the food there, which is great. Especially

in Austin, Dallas, Houston.

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state history

Texas or the lone star state. Was the 28th state in America. The state flag was adopted in 1845.The state bird is the mocking bird. The colors on flag of Texas represent bravery. it's

major industries are petroleum and natural gases cotton and steel. The state tree is the pecan. The state flower is the blue bonnet. The state rock is the petrified palm wood and the Alamo happened. The state fish of Texas is Guadeloupe bass. there state motto is friendship the state song is Texas our Texas.

Texas, Our Texas