Helping the Homeless

Group 2: #MoreOpportunitiesMoreSmiles

The Issue

Our issue is about people who are in need of shelter, causing them to have little food and no jobs. Homeless means a person is without a home, and therefore mainly living on streets.

They are dealing with many problems every day from hunger, storms, and things that make it hard without a permanent place to live. They live under bridges and places that can give little shelter but no privacy. We want to end homelessness, and remember more homes more smiles.

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Our Plan

Our plan is to start a Waco Sucess Center to give the homeless people in waco a chance to restart their life. We give them a shelter for a 100 dollars a year. Along with that we will give the a job like picking up trash, gardening, etc. Once they reach enough money to live their own life we will send them off to become successful citizens.
Help the Homeless
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About Us

We are the Sic 'Em Civics Inc.









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Organizations Supporting Helping Homeless

Compassion Ministries Waco

The Heart of Texas Homeless Coalition

What We Learned

Jeramia: "I think that during the camp it made a big impact on my life by showing me how to be a better citizen. It showed me more on how to help my community."

Mary: "Kids can make a big impact on their community."

Clay: "You can be an advocate no matter your age."

Harris: "You can do anything in your community if you just believe."

Alana: "You can be involved in the government no matter what your age is."

Mia: "I learned that the city manager/council can help me get an American Doll Store in Waco."

Desalech: "I learned about effective communication and how to greet people respectfully."

Wyatt: "I learned how to be a good citizen."

Liam: "I learned how to be a good citizen."