The Democratic Republic Congo!!!

By: Kiara Menchaca 4th Pd.

Attractions just for YOU!

  • The Congo has so many cool attractions like the Kahuzi Biega Which shows the animals they have over there.
  • Then visit the Okapi national park and there pygmy village, It is such a cool amazing place you have to see for yourself.
  • I know this is not a attraction... but it is a attraction for FOOD! Chez Pilo resturaunt is mmm good that you need to go to they also have live music and outstanding entertainment.
  • If you don't like doing any of those things then go visit the lakes they have, they have GOREGEOUS lakes that you would want to swim in, in a heartbeat.


Mmm... Food!

  • The Congo has one of the best italian resturaunts, it's called the "Chez Pilo." They have italian spaghetti, pasta "Kosa Kosa"(Lobster) and many more, it's located in Kinisha.
  • They also have "Le Picolo" Which is another one of their popular resturaunt 's, The popular meals are beef carpaccio, roquette salad, and the tiramissu.
  • "Lolo La Crevette" is also one of the best resturaunts the sell crabs, crawfish, shrimp and many more that YOu need to go to find out.
  • They also have fresh homemade food that they make from SCRATCH! They make

See it for yourself.

For more information visit www.democraticrepubliccongo

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