JSMM Civilization

In Phoenix Arizona


As survivors of the Zombie apocalypse, you must find the ideal location to increase your chances of survival. In JSMM you can do that. With the mountains as our guardian no army without a little warning they are coming will ever get into our city.

Absolute and Relative Location

33*N 112*W North of Hermosillo Mexico and south of Salt Lake City Utah
Continent: North America

Country: America

Located in Northern and Western Hemispheres

8 inch is annual rainfall


Why Arizona

We chose Phoenix Arizona because of the mountains that will provide protection from others and because of rivers.

Guaranteed to make you stay alive

Special Features

We have beautiful mountains that provide a wonderful sight in the morning and protection from zombies, wild animals, and other civilizations. We have a giant canyon that we use for our emergency living space. If there were to be an attack we would go into the canyon and try to survive. There are also many rivers that will help us to trade, get water, and swim in!