"This is Not your Mother's Library"

LHMS Library Back to School Newsletter, Sept 2013

Author Chris Grabenstein at LHMS on October 3

See Mr. Grabenstein's website, where he talks about his books and school visits. His visit is free as long as we purchase 100 of his books, which I know we can do! Order forms went home with students and can be accessed on the Library Media Center page on the Lounsberry Hollows website.

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LHMS Student Homepage

Symbaloo is a web based bookmarking tool that's great for creating a browser's homepage.
We've created a LHMS Student Symbaloo homepage that includes the websites most used at school.

School Librarians Teach What?

School Librarian's, often called Library Media Specialists and what I like best, Teacher Librarians, are responsible for teaching the skills and responsibilities related to Inquiry and Information Fluency. What the heck does that mean ?!
Basically, it's the skills, dispositions and responsibilities, necessary for students to learn when
Using Information
  • Connecting
  • Questioning
  • Finding
  • Evaluating
  • Analyzing
  • Synthesizing, and
Producing Information
  • Expressing and
  • Sharing

These critical thinking skills and understandings are essential in today's society and so are included in the Common Core State Standards adopted by the state of NJ.

Take a Maker Break

The LHMS Library, along with libraries all over the world, are joining the Maker Movement by creating Maker Spaces in their libraries. The plan is start out promoting weekly available digital and physical projects while allowing personal choice creations and a badging system for students to record their achievements. Students can take a "Maker Break" during their lunch and enrichment periods.

We Want You!

See the Clubs & Activities Page on the Library's Website, Lounsberry's Virtual Learning Center, to see what's going on! All sign ups are online; I'm so not good with paper! I especially encourage you to join the Mother/Daughter or Father/Son book club. Reading with your child is an incredibly valuable experience and the clubs are plain old fun! We even join forces at the end of the year for a celebratory Parent/Child book club bar-be-cue!

We Want You Too! Parent Volunteers @ the library

We love parent volunteers at Lounsberry's Library. Simply e-mail me @ dschiano@vtsd.com if you'd like to come in and help out!

Lounsberry Library's Virtual Space

Lounsberry's Library has both a physical and virtual presence. Take a look at Lounsberry Hollow's Virtual Learning Center to see all that this space has to offer.

Questions or Concerns

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions or concerns: Deb Schiano at dschiano@vtsd.com.
Here's to a great school year!