HH Library in November for Teachers

Please visit!


That pull out Wednesday that I spent at a library meeting? The afternoon was full of Lisa Johnson ... aka the TechChef4U. Do you follow her on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest? SO MANY GREAT IDEAS for using technology to stimulate writing in grades 3-5. Talk to Ms. O if that sounds interesting. She also posts great tips about integrating iPads, teaching kids to use digital design principles, and teachers using apps like Canva or Thinglink. She actually used to be an ITS for NEISD but now works for Eanes ISD and consulting. Definitely worth a social media follow!
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We renewed it!

Let's get those usage stats up even higher. Please talk to Ms. O and together we can figure out how it could best be promoted in your class ... lesson integration ideas, student stations, or home practice with student learning.

Six Flags Six Hour Reading

The logs will be in your boxes on the Wednesday just before Thanksgiving break. Please send them home either the Thursday or Friday just before. This is one case where we have to follow their rules and use a separate log. The due date will be the end of the second week in January. That is MORE than enough time to get six hours in!

The Online Catalog

Would you like tips on how to use it efficiently and send lists of books to be pulled? Or how to access the multiple user ebooks (more directly curriculum related than Overdrive)?

Or would you like your students to better understand how to renew books and check due dates? Or search for books on certain topics or by certain authors independently? TALK TO MS. O! (Are you sensing a pattern here?)

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Do you know how to use Overdrive?

This is both for your personal reading, professional reading, and your students! Here at NEISD we are lucky enough to have one of the largest school digital collections in the country! (And if you have a SAPL card you have access to yet another digital collection! Or BSB libraries. Or ... where else?)

Access the library from your couch! Please talk to Ms. O for tips and tricks. And let her know if there is a title you'd love to see added. Not every publisher makes their titles available so we can't promise ... but the district does take our suggestions for additions to the collection!

District Stats

Library print books circulated in Oct. 2015

HS - 4,968
MS - 20,807
ES - 167,830

Total - 193,605

OverDrive Stats

Oct. 2015 - 12,071 total checkouts
Oct. 2014 - 7,756 total checkouts

56% increase (only this was not due to us so let's get that up!)