The Porcupine and The Fox

By Liam Olinger

The Porcupine and The Fox

There was once a porcupine named Dinkles. All the animals in the park were scared of him. they thought that they would get hurt from him, yet they never thought about how he was trying to be nice to everyone. Dinkles didn't want everyone to stay in fear so he left and strolled into the woods. Dinkles kept walking and walking through the woods alone and sad.

Around the same time a fox had broken out of the zoo. That fox's name is Stephan. Stephan hated the zoo. all the other animals thought of him as a sly person and no one talked to him. it took him two years to break out and then all the animals were proud of him. Stephan ran into the woods and didn't stop sprinting.

Eventually the two creatures ran into each other. Dinkles was running because a wolf was chasing him but Dinkles outsmarted him. Dinkles was scared and ran again. Stephan outsmarted him by making him run into a tree. Eventually Dinkles found out that Stephan wasn't a wolf. At that point they told each other their stories and became best friends. Never did Stephan think of the spikes hurting him.


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