My Smore Flyer

How do you use it?

  • Marijuana can be hand-rolled and smoked which you call a joint or in pipes (bongs).
  • Marijuana can be mixed in food or brewed as a tea.

All Greens are not good!!!

  • Marijuana smoke contains more caner-causing chemicals than cigarette.
  • marijuana is a green and brown mixture of the dried flower, stems, and leaves of the plant Cannabis sativa.
  • Marijuana can make you feel happy, sleepy, silly, or nervous and scared.
  • The main active chemical in Marijuana is THC, which moves quickly through the bloodstream and throughout your body.

Marijuana Side Effects

  • Marijuana may effect your brain and can also effect your lungs.
  • Marijuana can change your senses of hearing, seeing, and touching, it can also make it hard to think clearly.
  • Marijuana is stored in the fatty tissue surrounding the organs, the lungs,and the brain.
  • The more amount of weed you smoke the less you need to get high.

How Unattractive is this