War of the Gangs

A problem for society.

wars of gangs

The War of the Gangs a Big Problem to Society

“Gangs can be organized based upon race, Ethnicity, territory, or money- making activities, and are generally made up of members ages 8 to 22 years old. Gangs members can be very young” ( Do Something ). Accordingly, children need education to learn how to be criminals.The war of gangs has become a big problem in many countries around the world.In Honduras, the two most violent gangs are Mara Salvatrucha and Barrio 18.The war has child gang members and a lot of violence violence is being committed.

The war of the gangs is a big problem that kills innocent people.Above all, “18 and MS13 fight to win places to be more and more bigger than the other gangs”. Secondly, “Honduras has estimated of 116,000 gangs members in to big and small gangs” (Kinnosian). The war in Honduras is increasing more and more every year. Each gang wins more members every day.

Different cartels pay the gangs to protect the drugs. Of course, “Mexican cartels from Sinaloa and Michoacan contract some of the smaller gangs warring on the MS 13 and 18 ST”. In addition, “for the 4 year consecutive San Pedro sula has the second largest city title of the most dangerous place on the earth, outside of a war zone with murders in 2014 as 171 per for 100,000” (Gurney). The capos from Mexico contract the gangs to sell and protect the drugs, and this situation creates a more and more dangerous city. The cartels produce the drugs, sell weapons to gangs and this makes a bloodier war, causing more deaths of gangs members and civilians.The big problem of the war includes children that are abused of the olds gang members inside of the gangs, and they are forced to commit crimes like killings kidnap.And then “In 2014 more than 500 minors were arrested (in San Pedro Sula) of which at least 350 were identified as members of these street levels criminal”. In addition,“many children become prey for the gangs who patrol schools to extort teachers, they are also responsible for collecting the tax war, sell sex sell drugs, and recruit more members get them to the gangs” (Kinnosian).The old members abuse the children, and the city gain more popularity as more dangerous city in Honduras.The abuse of the children increases everyday, and the old members just want gain more power as the big of the gang.

The big gangs recruit many young people to do criminal things and that involve civilians. This is important because the children are involved in crimes and don’t have freedom. To stop the recruitment of children in gangs,they need more education, make organizations aware of the people and stop the crimes, and deaths of innocent children.
A week in the most dangerous city in the world

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