Renewable Sources For Electricity


The Need For Renewable Sources Of Electricity

The problem at hand is the need for renewable sources of electricity. Renewable sources of electricity are things like solar panels and wind turbines, they can be used again. If there is a lack of renewable sources of electricity people would not have enough energy in there house to stay alive as they could not cook hot meals, or when it is really cold they can’t put the heater on, they then will probably freeze to death in the cold. Picture by

The Solution-Hydropower

Hydropower is a renewable source like solar panels. There are many hydropower plants around the world representing in 150 countries, The Three Gorges Dam in China is currently the biggest hydropower plant in the wold. Hydropower plants take the kinetic energy from the fast flowing water and turn it into electrical energy powering homes.
We need hydropower in Hong Kong as is would be a more environmentally friendly way to make energy as Hong Kong burn lots of fossil fuels each day to create energy for everyone to live in but while doing so the power plants creates lots of pollution in the air. "Most pollution comes largely from coal-fired power stations and traffic, although a significant contribution comes from the tens of thousands of factories in China's neighbouring manufacturing heartland in the Pearl River Delta." (Air pollution in Hong Kong. (n.d.). Retrieved March 15, 2016, from

Picture of a polluted HK

Castle Peak Power Station

Biggest Powerplant in HK, Commissioned in 1980 and located in Tuen Mun, Hong Kong. Picture by

Advantages Of Hydropower

  • Hydropower fuel is water, so it's a clean fuel source. Hydropower doesn't pollute the air like power plants that burn fossil fuels, such as coal or natural gas. Its an environmentally friendly way to create electricity.

  • Hydropower is an environmentally friendly source for electricity.

Disadvantages Of Hydropower

  • Hydropower plants can be impacted because of droughts, so when water is not available hydropower plants does not have an energy source to produce electricity.

  • Fish can be impacted when they try to migrate up stream and down stream as there is a big dam in there way

  • Can impact local environment when building the dam, life around the area loose there natural habitats due to the building of the Hydropower plants.

Impacts because of Hydropower

  • Fish cannot migrate up stream and down stream

  • Wild life around hydropower plants loose there natural habitats due to building the dam

  • Can cause harm to plants and animals around on in the river and on land.


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