Countable Uncountable Nouns & Food


Rethink Your Drink

Tell the students to get you bottles or cans of their favourite drink. Let them read the ingredients and ask how many of the ingredients do they know and which ones don't they know. Get a kitchen weighing scale and sugar and plastic bags. Get the amount of sugar for each bottle and make a poster displaying the bottles and cans and the amount of sugar they contain.

Food Pyramid

Ask the students to bring vegetables and fruit, meat and diary products flower and grains. Make a food pyramid with real food or make food group pictures. While creating students ask and answer about the amount of food they need for their creation.
Food Groups

How many servings? How much is a serving?

Talk about the amount of food they should eat per day.


Plan a healthy food menu for a week with the correct number of servings and the correct amounts of food.